The market and legislation are constantly evolving. In this context, a business strategy is required to better organize and safeguard assets. We believe that corporate and tax decisions should be made taking into account all contingent and current information.

Therefore, today, it is not enough just to have ideas and projects. It is necessary to have knowledge, specialty, experience and permanent updating.

In order to make appropriate asset decisions, both individuals and companies require specialized support and multidimensional assistance. Part of our specialization and experience allows us to detect and prevent possible exposures and recommend solutions.

We accompany our clients in their ventures, growth and new business, allowing these processes to be successful and adjusted to the expected times.


We give personalized and adequate answers for each requirement in tax matters. Our team consists of a group of expert accountants, lawyers and tax auditors duly prepared and coordinated whose main objective is to seek, case by case, comprehensive and appropriate solutions.


We select the best corporate options for our clients and seek real solutions together with them, using the different legal tools offered by our law, including the creation and modification of contracts, opening of companies, closing of businesses, mergers, acquisitions, among others.

Paula Abugattas
Founding Partner


Pamela Vasquez
Founding Partner


Jaime Castillo
Chartered Accountant - Founding Partner


Javier Valdivieso
Lawyer, Partner


Matías Salinas
Auditor Accountant


Maria Isidora Calaf


Maritza Rojas
Management Coordinator


Camilo Zuñiga
Administrative Team

With the objective of delivering an integral service to our clients, AVC PARTNERS works in direct alliance with PROCONTABLE's company.
Among its services, the accounting implementation of patrimonial and company reorganizations stands out.

Avenida La Dehesa 181, office 803, Lo Barnechea

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